Fabric Easter Eggs

Fabric Easter Eggs

I have eggs coming out of my ears!  Fabric eggs to be precise.

I saw this adorable post on Pinterest for fabric bunnies.  Normally I am not a fan of any project that does not serve some sort of purpose, but those fabric bunnies were super cute!  So, as I typically do, I decided to use their idea and make my own project- fabric Easter eggs!

And I did have a purpose in mind.  I thought the kids would enjoy playing with their own Easter eggs.  They could hide them for each other and find them.  It is just the sort of thing my kids love to do.

So, to start out I rummaged through all the fabric scraps I have in my closet.  Believe me, there are A LOT!!!  This is thanks to my good friend, Barb, who gave me the majority of the contents of her sewing room…

I pulled out a stack of spring colored fabrics.  I stayed away from anything solid colored, and instead pulled out some fun stripes, patterns, and florals.

Fabric Easter Eggs

Next I cut an egg shape out with my Silhouette.  Yes, I really can use that thing for every project!

After I washed and ironed all my fabric (and pulled all the stray threads out of the washing machine), I traced my egg onto my fabric- on the wrong side of course.  I cheated and folded my fabric so I could cut two eggs at once.  I cut around my traced shapes with my pinking shears.

Fabric Easter Eggs Fabric Easter Eggs

When I see a fun craft I want to do, I can never keep it simple.  Could I just cut one egg from each fabric scrap?  No!  If I am going to cut into the fabric, I might as well cut a whole row of eggs!  I figured I could make enough and send a batch to all my nieces and nephews.  So I ended up with LOTS of cut out eggs.

Fabric Easter Eggs

Next, I had to turn my cut out eggs so the wrong sides faced each other.  Then I sewed around each one, leaving a gap at the bottom for stuffing.  I stuffed each egg, and sewed up the bottom.

Fabric Easter Eggs Fabric Easter Eggs

As I sewed these pretty little eggs, Patrick watched, saying how excited he was.  He took each egg as I finished it and said “thank you, Mommy!”  Then he put them in his basket and carried them around!  I am so glad to know that this craft is a big hit already with the kids.

Fabric Easter Eggs

Here are my finished eggs.  I made 74 of them!

Fabric Easter Eggs Fabric Easter Eggs Fabric Easter Eggs Fabric Easter Eggs Fabric Easter Eggs

Check out those gorgeous Easter baskets.  I am blessed with a talented mother-in-law who not only knits and crochets beautifully, but also makes amazing baskets!  She made these baskets for the kids.

The kids have already been having fun playing Easter egg hunt.  I’ve found eggs in the dirty laundry basket, in the desk trash can, in my slipper, and in the car seat.  See if you can spot the hidden egg below!

Fabric Easter Egg

This project was a great fabric scrap buster project, and I think they turned out so cute.  The kids love them!  Since I made so many, I was able to make three extra packages and send them to all my nieces and nephews.

Fabric Easter Eggs

And now I never want to make another fabric Easter egg again! :)


  1. Kate says:

    I love this – well done, Bernadette! So fun for the kids. And the baskets from your talented MIL are the perfect finishing touch! Your nieces and nephews will be thrilled to get those darling gift bags full of eggs. It’s great that you were able to re-use fabric leftovers, and these eggs can be re-used for future Easters and other occasions! A very “green” project for Spring. Glad you decided to proceed with this craft idea – it is fabulous.

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