Easter Bunny Applique

Bunny Applique

Today I have a special treat for you.  We are featuring our very first post written by a guest!  My dear friend Katherine recently sent a gift of charming appliqued onesies for baby Norman.  They were so cute that I asked her to write a post about them, specifically about the super cute Easter bunny applique.  Katherine was gracious enough to oblige.  Here she is:

Easter Bunny Applique, by Katherine

Thanks for the opportunity to share a fun Easter sewing project!
I love sewing appliqued shirts and onesies. I decided to branch out a bit recently and was  looking around online for some new ideas. I came up with several, including this one that was very timely. It’s a quick project and it turned out super cute! It’s also a great way to use some of your pieces of scrap fabric!
I’ve put a quick little tutorial together, including a printable bunny for you to trace for your project! So, here’s the quick how-to!


Supplies Needed:
Bunny Printable
Fusible Adhesive (I prefer Heat n Bond Lite)
Fabric – 3 different coordinating pieces
Trim for ‘collar’


Start by printing out the bunny printable at your desired size. Mine is sized at about 4” wide by 6 ¼”tall, which seems to be a good size for a onesie. If you are creating a shirt, you might go a bit larger. Right click on the image below to save and print.
Trace the bunny onto the fusible adhesive. While you are at it, draw or trace a 1 ½” and 1” circle for the bunny’s tail onto the fusible adhesive as well.
Cut these pieces out leaving a margin around your pieces.
Place the items onto the BACK/WRONG side of your fabrics. Double check you are ironing to the BACK/WRONG side! Trust me on this one… I have had to redo way too many things because I forgot to put it on the BACK/WRONG side of the fabric! So frustrating! Iron the pieces down using a hot setting, no steam.
Let the pieces cool, then cut along your traced lines.
Stack the two circle tail pieces onto the main body. Then stack the whole thing onto the front, center of a onesie or shirt. I put it about an 1” down from the neckline and centered across the body horizontally. Iron this onto the onesie.
Use a short zigzag stitch to carefully sew around the edges of the bunny. Keep the edge of the fabric centered beneath your foot so that you are evenly catching both the fabric applique and the onesie. Then stitch around the tail as well. I purposely only stitched one of the tail pieces so that the other would be a bit shaggy after washing. Leave your string ends a few inches long. A little tip to keep your applique ‘clean’… To finish the stitch, I pull the threads to the inside of the shirt and tie in a knot, instead of finishing with a back stitch. This keeps the front of the applique much cleaner and prettier! The other key to sewing an applique on a piece of clothing is to be sure you are catching only the front side and NOT the back side of the shirt as you stitch. This is another mistake I have made far too many times :)
I chose a gathered piece of coordinating fabric for the trim piece. Ric rac or ribbon would be cute as well! Pin this piece down carefully and stitch into place.
Clean up all your loose string ends using my tip above. Also clean up the trim if needed (I had to cut the ends a bit on mine). And you’re finished!
Wrap up in some cute bakers twine and surprise a dear friend with an Easter package!


Thanks for sharing, Katherine!  I love the tip about pulling the thread through to the back and tying it off!  I’ve been wanting to try applique myself, and now I think I will!


Here is a picture of the rest of the onesies Katherine sent little Norman.  They are so cute!  Come back later this week as I share another fun scrap-busting Easter project!



  1. Vicki Richardson says:

    I found you today via Sew Can Do, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it here. Such a happy place to wonder around at. I have one thing to ask, do you have a template of that cute bunny? Some people (of course I’m not gonna say who) can’t draw to save her life, I meant their life. I so excited to see what else you share with us.
    Thanks so much,

    • Bernadette says:

      Thanks for the sweet comment! If you right click on the bunny outline, you should be able to save it and print it. Let me know if that doesn’t work. I could always email it to you if all else fails. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come by to visit again!

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