Disney Sewing Craft

Disney Sewing Craft

A few months ago I decided to start teaching the girls to sew.

I came across a great idea (on Pinterest, naturally!) for using shelf liner to teach kids to sew.  So I bought some shelf liner, plastic needles, and small balls of different colored yarn.

This is basically the same idea as lacing cards.  I cut a square of shelf liner (you want the spongy type, with holes in it), and draw a simple shape on it with a Sharpie.  Then we thread their needle, and the kids sew along the lines of their shape, going in and out of the holes in the shelf liner.

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Disneyland Road Trip Clipboard Craft

Disneyland Clipboard craft

Our family trip to Disneyland is fast approaching!  We are super excited!

We told the kids about the trip at the beginning of summer, so that they could have fun thinking about the trip, and so we could do some Disney crafts this summer to get ready for the trip!

The first craft we did, the day after we told the kids, was to make a Disneyland countdown chain.  When we started we had 52 days until the trip.

Disneyland Countdown Chain

It has been fun watching the chain get shorter and shorter.  Today we are 22 days away from our trip!

Yesterday we worked on another fun Disney craft for our trip.  The kids decorated clipboards for the road trip!

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We’re Going to Disneyland Goody Basket

Going to Disneyland Goody Basket

We’re going to Disneyland!!!  Woo-hoo!  I am so excited!

We’ve talked about it for a while, always as some distant, future trip, but we decided to go this summer since kids under 3 years old are free.  That means Patrick and Norman are free.  And the girls are at the perfect age to experience the magic!

Once we made our decision of course my brain went into hyper drive!  I’ve been planning, and researching, and pinning.  So get ready to see a lot of Disney on here this summer!

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Let’s Go Fly A Kite: Summer Decor

Kite Summer Decor
With each new season, I wait for decor inspiration to strike.  Last spring it was birds, and this year I found myself drawn to kites.  How perfect!  Decorating with kites would take me through spring and summer.  I love themes that are long lasting!

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DIY Nursing Cover with Removable Strap

Happy Summer!!!  The DIY Sisters have been a little MIA lately.  Sorry about that.  You know how it goes…!  The last time Bridget and I neglected the blog it was because we were both pregnant.  That is not the case this time!  We are, however, busy with our new babies and our growing families.  But we will try to be better about posting the fun projects we have going on.  And now, since I’m speaking of babies and projects, here’s a fun project for DIY nursing covers.

Nursing Cover This is my new nursing cover.  And I LOVE it!!!  (And yes, I am actually nursing Norman in this picture!)

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Greasy Hair Remedy

I may have given birth 4 months ago, but I still have not gotten my body back.  I am not talking about a flat tummy or extra baby weight clinging to my thighs, I am talking about EVERYTHING else.  I don’t think your body is ever your body again after birth.  Your hair, nails, skin, EVERYTHING changes.  And continues to change and adjust for months after baby is born.

Bernadette recently starting using Apple Cider Vinegar for deodorant-body odor another side effect of birth!

Blame the hormones!  Almost everything can be attributed to hormones.  But as luck would have it Apple Cider Vinegar appears to help with more that just stinkiness!  It can help with ALOT of the hormonal imbalances in our bodies.  Seriously, if you have an issue try using apple cider vinegar and see if it helps.  And then let me know!  I am always looking for new ways to use ACV!

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New Adventure

I haven’t been around in awhile.

I am sorry for that.

I truly do love sharing my crazy, beautiful life with you.  I love showing you my projects and updating you on the latest happenings around my home (which by-the-way I realize I am WAY behind on revealing the girls room, but it is coming-I PROMISE).  I love to be here, so I am sorry I have been gone.

Lucky for you and especially for me, Bernadette is AMAZING and has kept you all entertained, inspired and excited with glimpses of her family, her life and her coming adventures.

Note-sorry to stop in the middle, but I think it important to inform you all that the letter “h” has stopped working on my keyboard. Annoying!  Last week it was the letter “n” and then the “a” and now the “h”.  Is this a warning symptom of a computer shut down?  I hope not! Anyway, if you see an odd word, just try adding an “h” and see if it makes more sense!

Back on point.

I have been gone, but for an exciting reason.  Not as exciting as my last absence, when my family was blessed with the arrival of beautiful Alice, but in a sense I have been working on my latest baby.  The beginning of a company.

I am so proud/excited/nervous/REALLY NERVOUS to introduce to you all Happy Tummy, Healthy Baby!

Happy Tummy, Healthy Baby

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Why I No Longer Wear Deodorant

No Deodorant That’s right, you read that correctly.  I no longer wear deodorant!!!

I haven’t worn deodorant for two weeks now!

So let’s just say I have this “friend.”  And this “friend” noticed that she could never seem to make it through the day without becoming a bit…stinky.  Of course, it was worse when the weather was hot, she was wearing a shirt that rubbed under her arms, she was stressed out, or she exerted herself.  So basically, it happened a lot.

Oh, she tried different deodorants.  She even tried clinical strength (at almost $12 a pop!).  She tried deodorants that claimed 24 hour wetness protection, and protection against friction (shirt rubbing in underarm).  Then she tried Tom’s All Natural deodorant.  It worked a little better, and had a much better price tag (about $3).

But still, something had to be done.

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DIY Gone Wrong

DIY Gone Wrong

One of the reasons that Bridget and I started this blog was to share fun tips, ideas, and projects.  We are always searching for inspiration, and we thought since we benefited from information other people share on the Internet we should give back by sharing our own information.

Another reason we started this blog was to show that things don’t always go perfectly.  Life is messy, and sometimes we start to think that it is only messy for us.  Sometimes it seems that everyone else has it figured out.  Sometimes other moms seem to always have their act together.  They wear cute outfits, have their hair and make up done, etc.  Surely they never scream at their kids for spilling milk all over themselves.  Surely they never leave the house without their purse.

Of course this is all of us.  We all have our moments, good and bad!

Recently I had a day where I was working on a type of project that I have done many times before.  And I just. kept. screwing. it. up.

And I wanted to share that with you.

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A Season of Sacraments: DIY Baptism and First Communion

A Season of Sacraments

Norman’s Baptism and Olivia’s First Communion have given us much to celebrate this spring!

Wow, what a blessed spring we are having!  Our little Norman Donald was baptized into the Catholic Church on March 30, and our oldest daughter, Olivia, received her First Holy Communion on May 3!  Exciting times for us!

As with every family event, this provided me a few DIY opportunities!  I made some simple decorations for Norman’s baptism, and left them up through Easter and Olivia’s First Communion.  What great timing!

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