Overwhelmed? How To Let It Go!


Raise your hand if you are one of those mothers that stays on top of everything.  I mean EVERYTHING!  If you are, congratulations, you are amazing!  If not, keep reading, you are just like the rest of us.

I mean really, do wonder-mothers really exist?  We are all wonder-mothers in our own way, but are there really mothers out there that get it ALL done?  If so, I have yet to meet one.  And I know some amazing women!

A friend of mine (I hope she doesn’t mind me using her!) emailed me this week and vented about feeling overwhelmed.  Haven’t we all been there?  We try so hard, to do so much, and put so much pressure on ourselves.

This summer has been a challenge for me, since morning sickness (ha! all-day sickness!) made my regular routine take a detour.  Instead of my usual chores all getting accomplished in the week, it became a huge victory to get one thing accomplished!  I would tell my husband, “I just have to get the bathroom cleaned this week.”  Notice that was singular.  The other bathroom could wait.

It’s actually good for us to be reminded that most things will wait.  I was reminded this summer that if the carpet wasn’t vacuumed today, it was not a crisis.  I have become better at evaluating the must-do items (laundry, feeding children), and letting other things wait.  I have also become good at pacing myself.  Even though at 16 weeks I am no longer nauseated all day, I do still get worn out quickly.  So I make realistic goals each day.  Today’s goal was dust.  Instead, I scrubbed the kids’ bathroom.  After I was informed that the toilet was clogged, I re-prioritized!  In the past I would have added it to the list, but today it replaced my list.

Things that I have had to let go of this summer?  Blogging, for one.  Crafting for another.  Sending birthday and anniversary cards to every single person we know was yet another.  Sorry if I missed your special day.  Now you know why.  While I love doing these things, I know that I will be able to again, just not right now.

It’s good that I learn to let go of some things now.  With school starting soon, I will be busy homeschooling again.  And with the addition of our fifth child coming up, I’m sure there will be many more days of choosing what I can get done, and what will have to wait.

So for my friend who was feeling overwhelmed, and all the rest of us that feel that way at times, I hope this post serves as a reminder that 1) you are awesome!, 2) I feel you, and 3) what needs to get done, will get done, some how, some time.  Everything else can wait.

Check back later this week for another way that I get things done.  Hint, get the kids involved!

How I Keep My House “Company Clean” All the Time

In honor of spring, and spring cleaning…

Keep Your House Company Clean All the Time

I love the feeling of a clean house.  It is a nice, fresh feeling.  The feeling of knowing that everything is in its place, and all is right with the world.  Ahhhh.

I keep running across pins on Pinterest for how to keep your house clean.  These pins include schedules, tips, lists, and more!  I check them out and scan them over to see if there is anything I should be doing.

And then I realized, like I usually do, that maybe my own routine is worth sharing.  I mean, if all these other bloggers are sharing their routines, and other people are benefiting from reading them, why not contribute what I do?

After all, I get asked all the time how I keep my house so clean.  And it can be embarrassing because I think it is relatively easy to do.

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Big Bunny Banner

Big Bunny Banner

Big Bunny Banner.  It rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?!

My seasonal decorations usually include the mantle, a banner above my french doors, something on the dinning room table, and the buffet.  That’s it.  So our front room is usually left out of the decoration rotation, with the exception of the Christmas tree, of course!

After I put up my Easter decorations, I was pondering my clean, simple, but very unadorned front room.  Easter dinner will be served in the dining room, which is open to the front room, and I wanted a little something something to pull the festive feeling through the space.

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Easter Buffet Decor

Easter Buffet

Look out people, I’m on a roll!  Not only am I managing to post twice in week, but both of them are Easter posts…before Easter!

In my Easter Mantle post I said I was still tweaking my buffet decor.  I had put this collection of white vessels out, and loved how crisp it looked with the green runner.  At first I had fresh tulips in the large pitcher (got the tulips at Costco, love that place!), and it looked so pretty and fresh.  But I couldn’t keep shelling out $15 for fresh tulips every week, and my own seven measly tulips don’t bloom until everyone else’s tulips are done!

So of course I decided to make my own!

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Easter Mantle with Pretty Bird Garland

Easter Mantle with Birds

Alas, I am woefully behind on my poor blog!  I just glanced through my drafts and found my Christmas decor post, drafted.  Sadly, I never got around to publishing it!  Too bad too, my Christmas decor this year was super cute!  Maybe I’ll do a Christmas in July post!

Skipping past all the fun projects I’ve intended to share and haven’t gotten around to, I am actually timely today with a post about my Easter decor.

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Top Tips for a Disneyland Vacation with Kids

Disneyland Tips

Well, it’s been almost six months (wow!  I can’t believe that!) since we returned from Disneyland.  I had the best intentions of posting these tips right away, but life’s been busy!

When we were preparing for our trip I found so much information online.  So.  Much.  Information.  It was overwhelming!  So here I’ve tried to just give the tips that we found that were great, that we used, as well as tips from our own experience.

I hope these tips help!

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Planning a Disneyland Vacation…The Simple Way

Disneyland | diysisters.com

Have you decided to take the plunge and plan a Disney vacation?  Maybe for spring break? In that case…

You’re going to Disneyland!

First, jump up and down and yell like a kid.  This is exciting stuff!

Next, take a deep breath.  Taking your kids to Disneyland is a big deal.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

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Romantic Valentine Banner

Romantic Valentine Banner at diysisters.com

It’s 2015!  Hooray!

I’ve been so behind on blogging, it’s ridiculous!  Have you ever gotten behind on something, and then it is hard to start because there’s so much to catch up on?  That’s where I am at with this blog right now.  I have so many projects that I have done that I need to post, but I can’t find the time to get them posted!

I haven’t even finished posting about our Disneyland trip in August!  Then there are the fleece baby gifts I’ve been making, Christmas decorations, the super cute hooded towels I made for Christmas, Seahawks scarves…the list goes on.

But today I am biting the bullet and jumping ahead.  In an effort to stop running behind the current holiday, I am going to share my romantic Valentine banner…before Valentine’s Day!  (How do all those bloggers out there do their holiday projects and post them well before the holidays?  I am lucky if I get the house decorated in time for each holiday!)

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Happy Fall!

I’ve been feeling badly lately that I have not had time to post on this blog.  Bridget has a lot on her plate right now, and I’ve been busy with the kids and homeschool.  So for right now, for a while, I might not be able to post very often.

I have been doing projects, and will continue to do projects, but the time required to take the pictures, put them on the computer, edit them, upload them, write the post, then link the post to Pinterest, link parties, etc., is just a little too much right now.

So tonight, in lieu of a project post, here’s a fun picture of my kids from our recent DIY fall photo shoot.  Happy fall!  May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a blessed holiday season!

Bernadette's Kids

Help! Breastfeeding Troubleshooting

Breastfeeding Troubleshooting

There is so much great information available now about breastfeeding.  About it’s health benefits and bonding opportunities.  And breastfeeding is widely encouraged and protected.  Yeay!

That all said, when I was pregnant with my oldest, the idea of breastfeeding weirded me out.

And I’m not going to lie, the idea still kind of weirds me out! :)  But I also think it is great, amazing, awesome, and (can be) no muss no fuss.

Breastfeeding is great because you always have your baby’s food supply with you, ready when baby is.  And, it doesn’t cost!  It truly is a great way to bond with baby, provide them with the best nutrition, and give yourself some mini breaks throughout the day.

But what happens when you have trouble breastfeeding?  Whether you have latching problems, low milk supply, mastitis, or just temporary blocked ducts, breastfeeding can be painful and heartbreaking.

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